Have you got a Coffee Shop for your Office?


Love good coffee? Tired of spending $4.00 per cup? Tired of your staff running out in the afternoons for a coffee break?  We have the solution! 


Bring the coffee shop to YOUR office with our NEW 1 - Cup Pod Program. You can order by clicking on the images. Or, if you'd like to see if you QUALIFY for a FREE brewer, call your account rep, or click on the Make Appointment button to schedule an account rep to make you and your staff a cup of coffee (or two!) Ask us for more details.


We are also an authorized KEURIG dealer. We can provide your home and office with all your coffee brewer and k-cups needs. Check our site for the variety of flavors K-CUPS come in.

We also have fraction packs for your larger offices who still love the variety and convenience of K-CUPS but need a lower price factor. Please ask your account representative for more information. We throw coffee parties! Interested? Just ask! 

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The One Cup Pod and the new, low-pressure brewers are changing the way coffee is brewed. Enjoy a variety of premium coffee house coffees and teas, fresh brewed one cup at a time. Pods offer convenient, fresh brewed coffee one cup at a time.


You can brew a fresh cup, when you want it, in about 30 seconds. Since you are brewing one cup instead of a whole pot, there is less waste and no loose grinds or even messy coffee pots to clean.


La POD® 1-Cup Pods Offer Variety to Satisfy Everyone


Donut Shop Regular:

This blend is the coffee of choice for serious connoisseurs. A mild flavor, using the finest Arabica beans, roasted in the European style, heighten this coffee's distinct flavor and rich aroma.


100% Colombian Decaf:

Processed in green bean form from the finest 100% Arabica high grown coffees, roasted to give the rich flavor you expect and yet it is 98% caffeine-free. (And tastes great too!)


100% Colombian:

This is South America's finest gourmet coffee bean. These Arabica beans are grown at high mountain altitudes and produce a rich, mild, satisfying flavor with a full-bodied taste. The coffee is roasted to a medium dark roast, to create a dark, rich and full-bodied, yet winey taste that exhilarates the palate like a fine French wine.


Breakfast Blend:

Blended of the finest 100% hand picked Central and South American Arabica coffees. On the mild scale, this blend is still rich in flavor, color and aroma. Perfect for a casual breakfast. It's truly a cup to be savored!


French Roast:

The islands of the East Indies are legendary for their earthy, exotic coffee flavors. With beans from places like Java, New Guinea, and Sumatra... French Roast is a strong, very heavy blend with almost smoky overtones.



All Arabica coffees coated with just a hint of the finest hazelnut give this coffee its distinctive taste.


French Vanilla:

All Arabica coffees coated with the perfect amount of a combination of nutty with the sweetness of vanilla. This coffee provides perfect balance and can be enjoyed both day and night.



Prefer BOLD flavors? Try Sumatra. Roasted to be one of the heaviest coffees of the offering. Sumatra is rich, thick, syrupy, and heavy with chocolaty and earthy undertones.


Bigelow English Breakfast Tea:

Quality tea with a fruity aroma and hints of pine. Brewing creates a cup with medium body and a long, smooth aftertaste.


Bigelow Green Tea:

Tea is imported from quality tea growing areas of China and produces a somewhat sweet, fragrant, slightly astringent flavor with good body and refreshing aftertaste.


Bigelow Tea Earl Grey:

A really fine cup of tea is one of life's true pleasures. We heartily recommend Earl Grey for the enjoyment it will bring to your tea drinking. This delicately scented, aristocratic blend is an international favorite.


Chai Tea: 

A zesty and invigorating beverage, this exotic recipe features organic Tanzanian and China black teas along with organic anise, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and a touch of black pepper.  For the traditional Asian experience, enjoy with milk.


Having trouble deciding which coffee to choose? We can help. We can put together a blended box containing of 3 different coffees, you will receive 6 pods of 3 different flavors (there are 18 pods per box). Just let us know which 3 kinds you would like to try. Price for the mixed box is: $ 11.70/box. We don't have this available to order on our website yet. Please just contact us, or add this as a "NOTE" on your order, to order this special item.


Just want to try 1 pod of a flavor? Call your account manager, we'll take care of you!


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